On the internet Slot Devices vs. Basic Slots

Since its inception, the slot machines caused a great impact on the community of gambling players. This was due in large part to its striking design and simple operation, which attracted a lot of attention from people. As other technologies emerged, these were incorporated into the slot machine games, resulting in what today can be found in different casinos, both terrestrial and online, but especially in the latter. As of today, slot machines occupy the number one position among the favorite games of all casino players on the entire planet and are that the latest designs offer the function of really amazing bonus games that are shown on the second screen.

In this way, players saw in this new modality an easy opportunity to earn more money, fun, and emotions in one place. But, compared to classic slot machines, can they really have extra benefits with these bonus games on the second screen or not? In this article, we will reveal the answer to this question and in addition, describe a slot machine that contains this integrated function of alternative bonus games.


Having bonus games that  allow  slotxo you to play more without spending the money from the bankroll is definitely a great advantage, but the truth is that they do not represent any kind of difference in relation to the percentage of a settlement between these modern machines and the most classic ones.This is because both in the slot machine that has the extra screen to play the bonus as in the classic slot machine, the payout percentage is set at 97%; therefore, they can pay similar amounts when appropriate. The only difference between the two modalities of slots, the classic reels and the modern with bonus screen, lies in the way in which these two games provide successful payments to their users.

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