Sick And Tired Of Doing ANDRIOD PHONE USERS The Old Way

Cell phones! We cannot live with out them it would seem; and yet often times we hate them due to the problems we have with the phone, the service, or the company we have service with. I work in the Cell phone industry and have lots of experience with the problems that people face when it arrived at making decisions like what carrier to select, what plans to possess, or features to utilize. Things even I myself face. This is usually a competitive industry that we reside in.

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All the ads, and stories we hear; make you wonder what to do sometimes. If you choose a carrier that says they can present you with good service you tend to believe them; but when a problem arises it is sometimes hard to get anything done about it. Even though something is done you sometimes find yourself wondering if everything you experienced was even worth the difficulty. So I am going to share some things that can help relieve a few of the stress. This will be the first part of a 4 part series.

The first topic I am going to discuss is the question of which carrier to use for your cell phone needs. To be honest here; there is only one statement that will hold true. The service you choose is only as effective as you make it by staying within the guidelines of how it works. What does that mean? This means that no matter which carrier you choose the knowledge you have with them is as good as you will make it; not the company. Each carrier really offers the same things.

There is not much difference between them. Each of them offer calling plans to suit your needs; they all have a variety of phones for you to choose from that do different things; they all provide great features to make your cellular phone experience unique! The major carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-mobile all want one to believe that they alone are the best option for your needs. In reality though there is not many difference between them. Sure some like AT&T will be the only ones to own Iphone or T-Mobile the Android; but even those phones are not that different from most others anymore.

So what one do you choose? Here are some facts. The first decision you have to make might not seem as important but it will make an enormous difference depending on how you choose to use your phone. Do you want to choose CDMA (Code division multiple access) or GSM (Global System for Mobile communications)? Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. What are they and what do they mean? They are technology types. Both provide same sort of services but GSM includes a huge advantage over CDMA. Probably an excellent 85% of the planet now uses GSM; CDMA is pretty much only used here in the united states by Verizon and Sprint.

vivo s1 The advantage of GSM is that it uses what is called a Sim card. The Sim card is a small chip which might be placed into a GSM device that provides you service. Several things which are good about this is that you can keep all your contacts on it and move it easily from phone to phone. Also since this Sim card is your actual service it is possible to change phones easily so long as they are unlocked. Most phones in america are locked to a specific carrier, but in all of those other world people change their phones and carriers daily.

In some countries you can buy phones which have multiple Sim card slots. This allows you to use several carrier at a time. Think about the power that will give you! Choosing GSM also gives various other advantages to think about. Because the remaining world uses this technology it creates it possible for AT&T and T-mobile to incorporate new services and features to their service that is developed elsewhere on earth.

For example in Asia there’s full video conferencing capabilities. I’ve used this service myself; where I could both talk and start to see the person I am speaking with at the same time just like you might on Skype or Yahoo YM with web cams. This service had been out in Asia since 2005. AT&T has been slowly implementing this same capability in it’s phones and service for quite some time now.

Although at current this is a one way experience instead of two way video. T-mobile also has some great services they’re bringing to the united states. T-mobile itself is an European company. This is among the reasons they were in a position to adopt the Andriod so quickly to their line of devices.

I guess to put all this simply; when it comes down to choosing your carrier so far as what they can give you for technology all you have to decide is where do you want your cell phone experience to take you and how fast do you want to get there. While each one of these companies should come out with services and services; both AT&T and T-mobile is going to be ahead of the game in the end.

Verizon and Sprint will always come out with new services as well; but they have limitations when it comes to their ability to interact with all of those other world. All will continue to work great so that must not be a factor in your choice. Many people choose a carrier because of some phone it has. That was probably an unhealthy decision if the services behind that phone won’t provide you with the best experience with it. In the end you will end up unhappy and want to head to something else.

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