Since the beginning of Pick 4 Lottery, players around the world have been searching for systems to predict the future winners. The Pick 4 lottery players’ basic goal is to accurately predict the four numbers that will be drawn in each drawing. Pick 4 winners will be selected in the exact order of 0000 to 9999. There are 10,000 numbers available.

These four numbers are combined into a winning Pick 4 number. This can be done using either the traditional ball-and-container method or computer data bullseye generated numbers. The winning number is drawn one at a time. Each digit is then drawn individually. Most Pick 4 Lotteries pay a fixed amount. The majority of American lotteries have a $1.00 Straight Ticket payoff. This allows you to match the order of four numbers correctly and earn $5,000. The box ticket option allows players to win by correctly matching the Pick 4 number in any order.

Many players have relied on filters for years to help them pick their winning numbers. It is believed that players can use their past performance to help them choose the winning Pick 4 numbers. Pick 4 lottery players have the option to use standard filters such as hot numbers (digits), cold number (digits), or overdue numbers. The Pick 4 numbers that have been drawn over a certain number of times can be searched. This allows lottery players to sort individual digits according to how frequently they were drawn.

The ” Hot”digits (0-9) have been drawn the most times in the predetermined number of draws. The ” cool”digits were drawn less often. The overduedigits were drawn less often or none at all during the set amount of drawings. The computer or player then counts the digits and sorts them into the appropriate categories based on the data entered.

The Pick 4 lottery system on the internet offers this service at no cost, or the player can buy the software program that generates the results based upon these three categories.

One of the lottery websites offered a free program for the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery. It was for the midday draw and the evening draw. I chose to use it. I wanted to see if this lottery system could produce winning Pick 4 numbers. This program was free and only had the most basic filters: hot numbers, cold numbers, overdue numbers. For each of the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery evening and midday drawings, I chose one 50-draw sample. These were drawings between September 13th, 2010 and Monday, November 1st 2010. I planned to use the data for the next 30 days of drawings.

The computer provided me with the following information for the Midday drawings: the top three hot numbers were 9, 1 and 6, the top 3 cold numbers were 4, 8 and 2, and the top 3 overdue numbers where 0, 8 and 4. After processing all of this information, the computer gave me the ten computer-generated combinations that I requested to play in the midday Illinois Pick 4 Lottery drawings.

Similar results were obtained for evening drawings. The top three hot numbers were 6, 3 and 2, while the top two cold numbers were 4, 0, 5 and 6. The top three most coveted numbers were 4, 3, and 2., respectively. And the top three overdue numbers was 4, 2 and 8. The computer also produced ten combinations for me to use in the following thirty days.

These filters can be used to eliminate digits (0-9) from your playlist by collecting the top three numbers in each of three categories. The best scenario is that the lottery system would only eliminate one digit. It is most likely that only three of the ten numbers will be removed from your playlist. In the 3 and HTML5_ were eliminated . In the e Vening drawings 1, 7 and 9 were eliminated.

The eliminated digits are rarely mentioned in the lottery system. Pick 4 players don’t think about them either. It is an accepted part of the process. I checked the results of the 30 days prior drawings for the evening and midday Illinois Pick 4 Lottery. The results were a total failure. zero winners.

Here’s the surprise: in each of the midday or evening drawing, 80 percent of the winning numbers became an “automatic loss” for the Pick 4 player. They contained one or more eliminated digits from each group. After one of the eliminated numbers was drawn, twenty-four of thirty drawn numbers became an “automatic loser”. At this time, the player had a 20 percent chance of winning. It doesn’t matter which lottery system the player uses, as it all relies on the same information: the numbers from the fifty previous draws, the summation based upon the three filters of cold numbers, hot numbers, and overdue number.

The thing that Pick 4 players may not know is that each eliminated digit in their Pick 4 play removes 1152 winning straight orders out of the 10,000 winning numbers. This number must be multiplied 3 in each case. This gives you 3456 automatic losers.