Language and community preservation

Some of the songs showcased through Eurovision have presented opportunities to learn about history and language preservation. For example, Breton, a Celtic language spoken in northwestern France, was heard at the 1996 Eurovision contest, when guitarist Dan Ar Braz of Brittany with L’Héritage du Celtes performed a song called Diwanit Bugale.

Breton is a language that has seen a decrease in speakers over the years. When Dan Ar Braz performed on a world stage, it was an opportunity for people to not only hear Breton but to learn about the struggle to keep the language alive.

More recently, Norway’s 2019 entry by the band KEiiNO showcased the Sámi language spoken by the Sámi, an Indigenous people of the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Kola Peninsula in the far north west of Russia. KEiinO is a trio that includes Sámi rapper Fred Buljo. Their song also featured joik, a traditional form of Sámi music that is part of the traditional culture that earlier generations were prohibited from practising.With an audience of 182 million tuning in in 2019, many people had an opportunity to learn about an Indigenous language through a song presented at Eurovision.

Bringing people together

Will Ferrell with wife Viveca Paulin arrive at the 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala Presented By Gucci. (Shutterstock)
On the surface, this comedy is not about the political transformation that can happen through exposure to new cultural exchange; it’s rather about the small personal changes that can shift through being open to new dimensions of relationships and seeing ourselves in new ways.But let’s not forget the movie also offers a kind of meta-commentary on the Donald Trump years in the United States.This comes in hilarious doses such as when we see (the American) Ferrell in role as an Icelander screaming at American tourists: “Go home and build your wall!” Ferrell learned about Eurovision through his wife, Viveca Paulin, who is Swedish.

Traditional education has begun to ดูหนังออนไลน์ recognize how learning opportunities provided by the Eurovision Song Contest are vast. The University of Melbourne has offered a course where students learn about the history of Europe through Eurovision and the University of Chicago has also offered a course on the famous song contest.

For those who prefer a more informal approach to learning, the Eurovision Song Contest returns in May 2021, but don’t worry if that’s too long to wait.

The movie is on Netflix along with all of its wackiness, like Ferrell running in a gigantic hamster wheel while singing Euro-pop in a flashy, silver outfit. Frankly, if you’re in Canada, facing three more months of dark, cold days along with COVID-19 restrictions, this sort of humour may be just what the doctor ordered.