Tricia Foley Life/Style: Elegant Simplicity at Home [Book]

Composed by Tricia Foley, Foreword by Isabella Rossellini

Architect and way of life authority Tricia Foley delineates her way to deal with establishing richly pared-down conditions for the home and work space.

Designer Tricia Foley is most popular for her ageless traditional style, described by clean lines, regular materials, and vintage decorations—from swap meet finds to collectibles—and a range of quieting shades of cream, ivory, and white.

In this book, Foley tends to such parts of home plan as choosing the ideal shade of white, setting up the storeroom, uniting gathered items, making guileful tabletops, coordinating the home office, and substantially more. A gatherer—of china, of materials, of books—she clarifies that the best way to keep congruity is through altering.

The architect gives a mother lode of valuable thoughts, from her number one stockpiling items and fundamental things for the visitor space to occasional engaging thoughts and occasion style.

Foley’s sentimental Long Island, New York, property—comprising of an eighteenth-century farmhouse and a few sheds—fills in as her own research center and mirrors a basic and very much planned style acquired from the essential precepts of Shaker plan.

Delightfully captured, this moving book is an absolute necessity have for configuration astute people who want a straightforward, however upscale, way of life.

About The Author

Tricia Foley has created nine books. Her customers have included Ralph Lauren Home, Target, and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Foley’s work has been included broadly and globally on TV and in distributions like Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, and the New York Times. Isabella Rossellini—companion and neighbor of Tricia Foley—is a prestigious movie producer, entertainer, creator, giver, style model, and natural rancher.


“Flawlessly shot, this motivating book is an absolute necessity have for configuration shrewd perusers who want a basic, yet beautiful, way of life.”

“On the off chance that you need somebody sharp and talented to assist you with exploring the wide exhibit of whites, strong tips for altering (regardless of whether you’re a gatherer!) and how to consummate your visitor room, this is an unquestionable requirement perused. . . Tricia’s richly straightforward way to deal with plan and viewpoint are something to be valued as a solution for our excessively unpredictable lives.”

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“The principal individual record, delineated with 200 dazzling photographs, makes for a rousing read as Foley returns to the traps, wins and ‘how to’s’ of tidying off [her] house’s old bones and resurrecting it as an intriguing, utilitarian and stylish space. . . The book is loaded with tips on what to search for when a more seasoned house appears to be a deal, the delight of working at home, coordinating extra rooms, easygoing engaging, and cleaning up without blame; Foley has that is old news and discloses to everything.”


“Truth be told, I didn’t know whether I would discover motivation in Foley’s book, which includes the writer’s eighteenth very long term Island ranch house that has been enlivened exclusively in barometrical shades of white. All things considered, I’m an audacious admirer of shading who treats white as a utilitarian tone. Yet, leave it Foley to persuade me that there is graceful excellence in a home flooded exclusively in white. In Foley’s grasp, white revives her home’s insides, making a fantastic style that would somehow be clouded by intense tones. I may stay resolved to shading, however on account of Foley, I currently have incredible adoration for her convincing and rousing perspective.”


“New York-based fashioner Tricia Foley just distributed another book, and it’s protected to say we’re fixated. Life/Style is unimaginably flawless: perfect, straightforward plans, regular materials, vintage goods styled with a rural reasonableness. Besides it’s sprinkled with chunks of Foley’s plan shrewdness, from tips on styling a table to counsel on uniting an assortment of objects to make a cleaned vignette. What’s more, the photography is unimaginable.”

“Foley’s ageless, traditional style is portrayed by clean lines, regular materials, and vintage goods. Through excellent photos, she discloses how to choose the ideal nonpartisan tone; make a sly tabletop; and coordinate a quieting work space, effective storeroom, and then some. Dazzling and beautiful, much the same as Foley.”